Killing O’Reilly

ugly oreillyThe only person Fox News powerhouse commentator, Bill O’Reilly can blame for his fall from grace, after a twenty-one year successful career run is Bill O’Reilly himself. For years, this womanizing bully was caught with his perverted sexual hands dipping into the workplace till. As long as both he and the administration at Fox News paid the women O’Reilly abused millions of dollars to keep their mouths shut, all was fine in the news corp world.

Well, it ain’t anymore.

Finally, thanks to the boycott of The O’Reilly Factor advertisers, who pulled millions of dollars out of The Fox News tills, Bill O’Reilly is gone. Hopefully, never to be heard from again. Realistically, is anyone going to attend any of his concert events or buy any of his books? No other news network will pick up his broadcasting anymore because money talks or nobody walks. Without the ad revenue to follow him, O’Reilly is just about as dead as they come.

Unless you’ve been exposed to sexual harassment on the job yourself, you fully can’t understand the severity of what had been going on behind the scenes at The Fox News Empire. The women who worked at Fox were told how to dress. Or not to dress. Roger Ailes, the now defunct CEO of Fox News (also fired due to improper sexual advances toward women in the workplace) ordered the women to wear the tightest, shortest, minimalists dresses, no pantsuits or pants were allowed and to dye their hair blonde.  Is it any wonder that the bowels inside Fox News became a playground to over zealous men? I can only imagine what many of these women went through in order to keep their jobs or advance their careers.

Everyone thinks that the workplace is a fair and just atmosphere. It’s not. I was a victim of sexual harassment at my job of eight years. I worked for a prestigious New York Democratic law firm (who were instrumental in getting Hillary Clinton elected senator) and you would assume that the law firm would be fair, just and pro woman/human rights? Wrong. The senior partners of this particular law firm were more intolerant of woman than I had ever encountered. Not a day would go by that I personally wasn’t denigrated. I’ll give you two blatant examples: my phone extension was 38. Most every man at the firm referred to my phone extension as 38 Double D’s (38DD) which the men stated was my bra size. On a few other occasions, one of the senior partners liked to put her fingers down the front of my blouse because she said “I want to feel what real cleavage feels like“.

I reported everything to HR but to no avail. Eventually, the top senior partner called me in to his office to discuss my complaints. His response to me was I should ‘grow up’. At 44 years of age, I told him I was grown up! After our conversation, the law firm went on a campaign to have me removed from their employment. They listed my job description every Sunday in the ‘Help Wanted’ section. When I didn’t quit, they wrote me up for minor infractions and put me on probation. They started saying my work quality was declining. (I had gotten rave reviews for eight solid years) They changed my hours making it harder for me to get to work.

Why didn’t I just quit my job and move on? Because where I lived good paying jobs were very hard to come by AND I had two daughters to support and a mortgage to pay. I had to put food on our table and keep a roof over all our heads. Quitting would have accomplished nothing.

Unbeknownst to the senior partners, I had met a labor attorney at a cocktail party. When I told him what was happening to me at my job, he told me they were trying to force me out and if I quit I would lose all my rights. I immediately retained the services of this labor attorney and he guided me, successfully out of my employment with this despicable law firm. In the end, I wound up suing the firm for age discrimination and sexual harassment. The law firm tried everything in the book to descredit me but in the end, I persisted (thanks to the labor attorney) and I won my case. Most women would have given up because they felt winning against a large law firm would have been impossible. Not true. We women have to stand up for ourselves and fight back. I fully understand what those women at FOX News had to endure. Many of them have families and/or careers and were forced to sucuumb to the preposterous whims of their male co-workers in order to retain their jobs.

Rupert Murdoch (center) & his 2 sons

The firing of Bill O’Reilly was a kudo towards the rights of women. The younger sons of Rupert Murdoch (who owns FOX News) James and Lachlan, can thank both their wives, Sarah and Kathryn Murdoch, for being instrumental in the firing of Bill O’Reilly (click here). In the end, two powerful women quietly helped behind the scenes to bring O’Reilly down.

Kathryn, wife of James Murdoch is the co-founder of the charity Qudrivium, which funds progressive causes like environmental protection, science, childhood health and equal opportunity in the workplace. Sarah, 44, is a progressive-minded, British-born Australian model, former host of “Australia’s Next Top Model” — and wife of Lachlan Murdoch, co-chairman of Fox News Channel parent, 21st Century Fox. Both Kathryn and Sarah were instrumental in convincing their husbands to boot the controversial O’Reilly, company sources told MediaBlast. “These woman have unique access and complete trust (of Lachlan and James),” a Fox News executive said. “They’re very progressive and the O’Reilly situation had infuriated them.”

Both James and Lachlan vow to make FOX News a kinder, gentler workplace environment. I’ll believe it when I see the FOX women wearing pants and leaving their hair their natural-born color. The aging Rupert Murdoch has been pushed aside by his own sons as they make plans to keep FOX conservative BUT with a more respectful, younger edge.

Bill O’Reilly’s 8 p.m. timeslot will be filled by rising (and twenty years younger) Fox News star Tucker Carlson. Here’s hoping the next generation performs a whole lot better than the exiting generation. In any event, I won’t be watching FOX News anytime soon.

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